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Lightning-Fast, User-Friendly APIs

Streamline and optimize your entire online inventory with our easy-to-use API/SDK. Just one click and you're done!


Batch image editing

With multi-processing capacity, AutoBG enables you to edit, enhance, and remove the background of a batch of images in one go to overcome time scarcity. It reduces your manpower and instrumental costs.


Fast and handy

Our solution is automated. All you need to do is upload images and set your preferences. It automatically makes changes to the car photographs and provides professionally retouched images.

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Cloud-powered access

With cloud computing capabilities, the solution enables you to store and access edited images at your convenience. In short, it simplifies your marketing efforts by ensuring timely and faster access to images.

platform neutral

Platform neutral

AutoBG is a web-based smart image editing solution accessible on all devices, including Windows and Mac. Just register on our website and get started with the fastest car image editing.

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